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What is Rezzanine Esports?

Rezzanine Esports is THE place to play your favorite games. Whether you're a parent who needs something for the entire family to enjoy, or a hardcore Esports competitor, there is something for everyone. Rezzanine offers a wide variety of console and PC games as well as classic games, pinball, board games, and more. There is also plenty of room to host a party, stream to your loyal followers, grab a bite to eat, or just sit down and unwind. From old school gamers to professional Esports players, Rezzanine has something for everyone!

How it Works

1. Create a Free Account

Visit us upstairs and our Rezzanine staff will help you create an account that keeps track of your gameplay time! 


2. Play

Choose from our library of games! We have games for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Gaming PC's! 

With every hour played at Rezzanine you earn points with our Rewards Program! Play to win one of a kind Rezzanine merch, get exclusive offers, and more! 

3. Win!

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Level Up Your Gaming Experience...

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